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Odd Rules in Poker

“Odd”, a single word but have different meanings, For example: “Looking different from the rest as in looking “Odd”, “Odd Numbers, [1, 3, 5, 7, etc]”, “Odd is also used as a name in Norway”, etc.

But having so different meanings also, It does have a great saying “Every odd style is a new fashion”, so if every case includes “odd things”, then why not our very own “Poker Game”?

Well, yes our poker game also includes a lot of Odd rules, and as Pharrell Williams latest song says “Because I am HAPPY”, we all should be happy to find something odd in everything.

In the game of poker, there are hundreds of odd situation that can occur, and normal rules at time may or may not apply to them. But when money is on the line, there need to be fair odd play for all of those anomalies. Some of those Odd Rules are:

Balancing Tables

If you’re running a tournament with two tables, and table 1 loses two players while table 2 is still full, you’re going to have to move one player from table 2 to keep the tables balanced, the moves is done by moving the player who is in (or closest to) the same position relative to the button. So if the open seat is in the cut-off on table 1, you want to move the player from the cut-off on table 2.

This keeps players from having to pay blinds twice, or not at all.

Breaking a Table

If you lose enough players to be able to merge one table with another (or multiple others), it’s time to break the table. How to choose who sits where is done by drawing for the open seats.

If you’re moving everyone onto one final table, typically all players, including those already seated at the table, draw for their seat. If you don’t have seat cards, just use the deck counting lowest from highest, starting left of the dealer.

Multiple players all-in: 

When multiple players are all-in, you must make multiple side pots. Make a main pot as described above. After you’ve done that, repeat the process with the next-smallest stack.

Two players all-in for different amounts:

In this scenario, you take the amount of the smaller stack from the big stack into the pot, returning the difference to the big-stack player.

Dealer Deals an Extra Hand or a Hand to a Seat with No Player:

In this scenario, as long as no one looks at the extra hand, it’s folded as a dead hand, and play continues as usual.

Turn is dealt without burning: 

When the dealer deals the turn card without burning, that card is simply treated as a flash card. The dealer makes sure all players see the card before turning it face down as the burn card, dealing the real turn as normal.

Two burn cards dealt when dealing the turn: 

In the case of a dealer burning two cards, and turning over a third as the turn, that third card is treated as a flashed card, and is returned to the top of the deck as the burn for the river. The second burn card is turned face up, since it is the valid turn card.

Odd is a single soul, peculiar, with no mate, sometimes have a positive sense, and sometimes have a negative sense, and having it in our favour, it means we have the ability to win the world.

So guys, just chill out and sing it “Because I am happy”.

About POKABUNGA Themes & Game Play


What do you all mean about the “Themes” & the “Game Play”?

Yes, exactly as you all must be knowing “Themes” can be addressed as either a “topic of discussion” or a “subject of artistic representation”. And “Game Play” can be defined as a “Specific way in which players interact with a Game”, I know, most of you must be having more knowledge than me, and the rest who thinks, they don’t know much about “Game Play”, don’t worry, why am I here for? Well “Game Play” is the basic theme about the game, it is also called the game dynamics. For example: In a game of Super Mario, (the character running and jumping through the obstacle, and collecting points, and coins to save the queen) is the basic “Game play” of this particular game.

Bored? Might be thinking that, why am I writing about the normal “Themes” and “Game Play”, actually before starting, I just wanted to throw some light on the part on which we shall discuss. So now let’s just jump on our topic, don’t worry I promise, I am not going to take much time of yours. So now about our very own POKABUNGA, actually I wanted to ask all of our readers, what they think about the site, about its “Theme” and “Game Play”?

Well, our site uses a user friendly site for all of our players and a combination of Black and red colour. The colour of Power and Emotion, these two are very distinct colours though opposite to each other, but that is what we want to achieve, through making our site the most powerful of all the other sites, and at a time understanding the emotions of our customers, players, readers and building our site according to that. Our website also gives you two types of playing experience, one is a beach theme, where you can experience the serenity under the blue sky and the calm blue sea beside your table, and the Standard theme, where you will be getting a Casino feeling, with an exceptionally well designed casino background. We offer a single platform to play both the game rummy and poker, it might be you private tables, playing with your close friends, or might be the normal pools, where not only you can play with experts in tournaments, but also can practice a match if you are new player, with the novice players. Our site gives you a chance to earn real money just by playing it with fun and enthusiasm. And yes last but not the least, our site also provides our esteem players with different offers, whether it is the 15th of August “the independence day” or “the normal welcome bonus” to our new players to give them further encouragement.



Online poker (in India)


Online poker in India is Online Texas Hold’em, a variant of world famous card game-Poker. Online Texas Hold’em is used and not just Texas Hold’em because Texas Hold’em is of 2 types-Online and Offline (Live). Although rules of the game are same, strategy differs. There are already a number of people in India sticking to bee-hive of Online poker and there are many expected to join. Thanks to genuine Play online poker India guys, poker is becoming more and more famous.

Many consider

live poker to be

  1. loose,
  2. passive and
  3. inelastic

and online poker to be

  1. tight,
  2. aggressive and
  3. elastic

Remember it is strategy that differs in live and online poker.

A brief history of Texas Hold’em

History of Texas Hold’em is rich and interesting.

It started out in Robstown, Texas during early part of 20th century. Exact story of how it actually originated is’nt available but it was simply known as Hold’em up until 1967, when it was introduced to Las Vegas.

The game took off probably because Crandell Addington, one of the men who took poker to Vegas described it as a “thinking man’s game” (due to opportunities it gives you to play strategically).

You could only pay Texas Hold’em at one casino-The Golden Nugget in first few years in Vegas. It was located in Downtown Las Vegas and was a bit of a seedy joint. It did’nt get many high-stake players coming in. Game remained in relative obscurity until 1969 when a Texas Hold’em tournament was held in lobby of Dune casino. The tournament proved to be financially rewarding for a number of high rollers due to prominence of location and popularity of the game increased exponentially-Start of the Texas Hold’em poker’s rise to fame.

Advent of World Series of Poker in 1970 was another big milestone in the history of Texas Hold’em. Benny and Jack Binion, Father and Son, changed name of Gambling Fraternity Convention to World Series of Poker after buying its rights and chose to host it at Binion’s Horseshoe, the casino they owned. Main event of this tournament has been no-limit game of Texas Hold’em ever since 1971, second year of the series. Now, thousands of people compete in the main event of the World Series of Poker each year although amount of entrants were small at first.

Further cemented on the world’s stage was Texas Hold’em with a couple of books released in 70s and 80s. Super System, a Doyle Brunson’s poker strategy book (1978), revolutionized way people viewed and played the game. A documentary account of 1981’s World Series of Poker-The biggest game in town, was written by Al Alvarez. It is credited with starting genre of poker literature and it brought Texas Hold’em and world of professional poker players into public eye.

Texas Hold’em can definitely be seen as a world renowned and mainstream game years on. People from across the world play it for money or for recreation and professional tournaments are broadcast on TV to wide audiences.

Texas Hold’em has had a humble beginning, is flourishing and will continue to flourish.

Texas Hold’em has travelled from west to east, to India and Play online poker India has become a mantra.

General Texas Hold’em poker rules

  1. With a standard deck of 52 cards, the game is played. Players are dealt with five “up” cards and two “down” cards. Community cards are five “up” cards. They are shared by all players. 2-11 players can play the game.
  2. A person acts as a dealer. He is responsible for shuffling the cards, distributing the cards and controlling game flow.
  3. Blind bets are made by two players on left of dealer and the game starts. Now 2 “down” cards are given to each player (“hole” cards). This round is “pre-flop” round.
  4. Three cards in middle of table are turned over by dealer. Second betting round starts. Starts to player on left of dealer and continues to left. A player can call, raise or fold, if there is a bet on table in this round. A player can make bet or check if there is no bet on the table.
  5. Dealer distributes another “up” card (turn) as the second betting round ends. To form a five card poker hand, players can use this sixth card now. Player to left of dealer starts the betting round (Bet amount becomes equal to the maximum table bet in this round).
  6. Final betting round starts now. River, a final card is distributed by dealer. Any combination of cards to make the hand can be used by players.

A hand may be

  1. 1 pocket card and 4 community cards or
  2. 2 pocket cards and 3 community cards
  3. All the players which are in the hand show their cards now. Best hand wins the pot. During the game, a player can fold and get out of the hand in any time however.

Please check Must if you are an Indian.



Why Rummy Players like Pool Rummy so much


It is often said that the true test of the skill of a Rummy Player can only be tested at the Pool Rummy Table. Designed around a tourney format, Pool Rummy needs the player to play his best in every single game.

In a regular Points Rummy format, the player has a chance to recover huge losses through huge gains. However, in the pool rummy format, losses are a sunken cost and cannot be recovered.

This is how the points system works in Pool Rummy: –

1)      For every Game, the winner is attracts zero points and the losers attract the number of points in the hand on Show.

2)      As soon as a player reaches the respective Pool Rummy Point Count- such as 101 in 101 Pool or 201 in 201 Pool, the player loses his seat at the table and is deemed to be eliminated from the tournament. 101 and 201 are the most popular game formats each expected to last about 6-7 games and 14-15 games respectively. These figures can vary on the basis of the skill level of the players. The 501 format is not uncommon too, though it demands a significant degree of concentration and stamina.

3)      The last person to remain on the table, that is the last man still standing with a point score of less than 101/201 etc, is declared to be the winner on the table.

How are the winnings decided?

The winnings of the Pool rummy are pre-decided based on the number of players on the Table. The Card-room/ Gaming Website deducts a standard rake on the Pool Rummy which is slightly higher than the Rake on a Points Rummy Game. However, unlike in a Points Rummy Game, where the rake is deducted on each Game, in a Pool Rummy Game the rake is deducted only once at the beginning of the Pool and hence, turns out to be much lower than the rake contributed on Points Rummy.

Pool Rummy is about stamina, intelligence, skill and consistency. Check out if you really have it in you to be a Pool Rummy Player.

Beginners Luck- What it Really means


Beginner’s luck is often a mystifying phenomenon. Is it a cosmic apostle motivating us in the direction of our destiny? Is it an unfamiliarity that forces us to channelize all our cognitive faculties towards a super-optimal performance? Or is something else?

While the existence of the seemingly unnatural phenomenon cannot be confirmed, in the game of Poker is it almost markedly pronounced. I recollect an instance of my fellow colleague at work and his rendezvous with an oft-experienced pattern at the Bellagio Casino at Las Vegas.

Like most Poker Players he considers himself smarter than the average human. And hopes and believes that his opponents on the table are represenattive of the regular demography of this human population. He does not always take his chances at the Roulette tables and the likes. A firm believer of skill, he tries his hand at the small buy-in poker table at the casino. Within an hour, he is sitting on 20 times his buy-in. ‘Woah! The Average American is dumber than the Average human’!   I could hazard a bigger table just tonight. His buy-in multiples again. And so on the repertoire plays like music in his ringing pocket for the next two nights till he gets washed out of both his earnings and investment on the third.

Was it beginners’ luck at play on the first two nights? Did the casino owners orchestrate his winnings enticing him to the bigger tables till the sharks could eat him? Did he get too greedy? Was Gambler’s fallacy at play when he became too careless with his winnings? What really was it?

The explanation is often simpler than these cosmic imaginations and conspiracies. The answer simply lies in unfamiliarity. The regulars at the casino were not acquainted with his style of play. It took them two days and some minimal winnings to figure that out. And as they did, he became vulnerable to their strokes because he hadn’t worried about figuring the dumb americans out.

Poker is often about understanding the person at the other side of the table as much as it is about understanding your own probabilities and chances. It all boils down to catching the other person’s bluff. And with a new player it is often difficult to catch his tells. And hence, many times, he can be LUCKY.

– Madame PB

Why Zynga Poker is not fun anymore.


You spend months and years accumulating those precious chips and one fine morning, you wake up to the harsh reality that your account has been suspended? You are not alone. People who have got their accounts suspended for no reasons at all on such fun cash websites are aplenty. And their gaming counterparts have no reasons to give.

In the past few months, various social network based poker gaming platforms have been suspending the accounts of their most loyal customers and forcing them to reduce their chip balance to less than 1/100th the account value in many cases. Given the growing unpredictability of these platforms, it is not fun to play on sites like Zynga Poker anymore.  Not only that,

–          What do I do with all my chips? : There is now no way to legitimately cash out on the millions of chips you have accumulated. Many people resort to selling chips in the black market even though it violates the terms and conditions of Zynga Poker. As with any such black market activity, there is no guarantee on the credibility of the transaction. The chip transfer almost always takes place after the payment for these chips are made.  What if you pay the monies and then never get your chips? There is no one to turn to.

 –          Unskilled players aplenty: Sites like Zynga Poker do not truly test your skill level. The presence of casual players who give away their chips without a fight is almost irritatingly widespread. While nobody really hates an easy win, playing with non-serious players often leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Continue to play against these players and you will never really know how good a poker player you really are.

 –          Unnecessary Gift Abuse: Free Cash Poker Websites such as Zynga Poker spoil the player experience through unnecessary gift pop-ups. These gaming applications divert the attention of the player from the true game play and instead try to entice him to buy ‘social’ gifts which are not related to the game of poker in any way. Ask a player who plays on a real cash poker website such as and he will tell you that the experience of on online poker table is much better than the experience of an offline table because of the absence of unnecessary distractions. But sites like Zynga Poker do not let the player experience the wonders of minimum interruption and comfortable poker gameplay.

 –          Money in is always greater than money out: On websites such as Zynga Poker, the purpose is to make money. They may be social network based games and their chips may be free, but their purpose is to make money by inducing you to buy more chips. Poker is a game of investment. Your chip buy-in is an investment towards the possibility of multiplying them and earning some money out of it. The entertainment value of a good game is a bonus. But on a platform such as Zynga Poker, the buy-in of chips is a sunken cost. You will never receive any money out of it. Ask a good poker player and he will tell you than it is a violation of the very spirit of poker.

 The true spirit of poker lies in the ability to enjoy a good game marked by the thrill of real gains and losses. A good poker player commands the respect of his peers. Ever heard anyone say that about a good Zynga Poker player?

Play Real Cash Poker and Rummy in India now only on 100% Safe and Secure.