Why Rummy Players like Pool Rummy so much


It is often said that the true test of the skill of a Rummy Player can only be tested at the Pool Rummy Table. Designed around a tourney format, Pool Rummy needs the player to play his best in every single game.

In a regular Points Rummy format, the player has a chance to recover huge losses through huge gains. However, in the pool rummy format, losses are a sunken cost and cannot be recovered.

This is how the points system works in Pool Rummy: -

1)      For every Game, the winner is attracts zero points and the losers attract the number of points in the hand on Show.

2)      As soon as a player reaches the respective Pool Rummy Point Count- such as 101 in 101 Pool or 201 in 201 Pool, the player loses his seat at the table and is deemed to be eliminated from the tournament. 101 and 201 are the most popular game formats each expected to last about 6-7 games and 14-15 games respectively. These figures can vary on the basis of the skill level of the players. The 501 format is not uncommon too, though it demands a significant degree of concentration and stamina.

3)      The last person to remain on the table, that is the last man still standing with a point score of less than 101/201 etc, is declared to be the winner on the table.

How are the winnings decided?

The winnings of the Pool rummy are pre-decided based on the number of players on the Table. The Card-room/ Gaming Website deducts a standard rake on the Pool Rummy which is slightly higher than the Rake on a Points Rummy Game. However, unlike in a Points Rummy Game, where the rake is deducted on each Game, in a Pool Rummy Game the rake is deducted only once at the beginning of the Pool and hence, turns out to be much lower than the rake contributed on Points Rummy.

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Beginners Luck- What it Really means


Beginner’s luck is often a mystifying phenomenon. Is it a cosmic apostle motivating us in the direction of our destiny? Is it an unfamiliarity that forces us to channelize all our cognitive faculties towards a super-optimal performance? Or is something else?

While the existence of the seemingly unnatural phenomenon cannot be confirmed, in the game of Poker is it almost markedly pronounced. I recollect an instance of my fellow colleague at work and his rendezvous with an oft-experienced pattern at the Bellagio Casino at Las Vegas.

Like most Poker Players he considers himself smarter than the average human. And hopes and believes that his opponents on the table are represenattive of the regular demography of this human population. He does not always take his chances at the Roulette tables and the likes. A firm believer of skill, he tries his hand at the small buy-in poker table at the casino. Within an hour, he is sitting on 20 times his buy-in. ‘Woah! The Average American is dumber than the Average human’!   I could hazard a bigger table just tonight. His buy-in multiples again. And so on the repertoire plays like music in his ringing pocket for the next two nights till he gets washed out of both his earnings and investment on the third.

Was it beginners’ luck at play on the first two nights? Did the casino owners orchestrate his winnings enticing him to the bigger tables till the sharks could eat him? Did he get too greedy? Was Gambler’s fallacy at play when he became too careless with his winnings? What really was it?

The explanation is often simpler than these cosmic imaginations and conspiracies. The answer simply lies in unfamiliarity. The regulars at the casino were not acquainted with his style of play. It took them two days and some minimal winnings to figure that out. And as they did, he became vulnerable to their strokes because he hadn’t worried about figuring the dumb americans out.

Poker is often about understanding the person at the other side of the table as much as it is about understanding your own probabilities and chances. It all boils down to catching the other person’s bluff. And with a new player it is often difficult to catch his tells. And hence, many times, he can be LUCKY.

- Madame PB

Why Zynga Poker is not fun anymore.


You spend months and years accumulating those precious chips and one fine morning, you wake up to the harsh reality that your account has been suspended? You are not alone. People who have got their accounts suspended for no reasons at all on such fun cash websites are aplenty. And their gaming counterparts have no reasons to give.

In the past few months, various social network based poker gaming platforms have been suspending the accounts of their most loyal customers and forcing them to reduce their chip balance to less than 1/100th the account value in many cases. Given the growing unpredictability of these platforms, it is not fun to play on sites like Zynga Poker anymore.  Not only that,

-          What do I do with all my chips? : There is now no way to legitimately cash out on the millions of chips you have accumulated. Many people resort to selling chips in the black market even though it violates the terms and conditions of Zynga Poker. As with any such black market activity, there is no guarantee on the credibility of the transaction. The chip transfer almost always takes place after the payment for these chips are made.  What if you pay the monies and then never get your chips? There is no one to turn to.

 -          Unskilled players aplenty: Sites like Zynga Poker do not truly test your skill level. The presence of casual players who give away their chips without a fight is almost irritatingly widespread. While nobody really hates an easy win, playing with non-serious players often leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Continue to play against these players and you will never really know how good a poker player you really are.

 -          Unnecessary Gift Abuse: Free Cash Poker Websites such as Zynga Poker spoil the player experience through unnecessary gift pop-ups. These gaming applications divert the attention of the player from the true game play and instead try to entice him to buy ‘social’ gifts which are not related to the game of poker in any way. Ask a player who plays on a real cash poker website such as Pokabunga.com and he will tell you that the experience of on online poker table is much better than the experience of an offline table because of the absence of unnecessary distractions. But sites like Zynga Poker do not let the player experience the wonders of minimum interruption and comfortable poker gameplay.

 -          Money in is always greater than money out: On websites such as Zynga Poker, the purpose is to make money. They may be social network based games and their chips may be free, but their purpose is to make money by inducing you to buy more chips. Poker is a game of investment. Your chip buy-in is an investment towards the possibility of multiplying them and earning some money out of it. The entertainment value of a good game is a bonus. But on a platform such as Zynga Poker, the buy-in of chips is a sunken cost. You will never receive any money out of it. Ask a good poker player and he will tell you than it is a violation of the very spirit of poker.

 The true spirit of poker lies in the ability to enjoy a good game marked by the thrill of real gains and losses. A good poker player commands the respect of his peers. Ever heard anyone say that about a good Zynga Poker player?


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Origin Of Texas Holdem Poker In India

Texas Holdem Poker is one of the most widely played community card game across the world.  Dated back to early 19th century, the birth of this version of poker can be traced back to the soil of United States.  In the early days of its origin, this game spread like wildfire in Texas, Las Vegas and other part of US and slowly started to interest people across the globe.  Poker has been the heart of attraction in a lot of movies, television serials and academic literature. While playing poker, a player is not just exposed to a regular card game but also brings along with it a dozen full of advantages and skill sets.      Image India, one of the fastest developing nations in the world, has recognized the game of poker with a hope to build on two major attributes like fun & motivation. Players in India love being part of this game for various reasons.  Be it a social gathering, professional encounter or just leisure, Texas Holdem poker made its presence felt everywhere and became the most prevalent poker variant to be played on the Indian land. The game seems to have gained popularity among Indian players in the recent times, mostly among the youth of the nation. Not just for the origin of the game, poker has also evolved as a matured game for the ways it’s played among different sections of the society. Poker is a game of choice and leisure in most of the developing metros of India. Metros like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and a few more have always been identified as the hub for poker enthusiasts.

But with the availability of Online Poker Websites, the reach is not limited to these metros. Online Poker Websites provide the perfect platform and opportunity for all poker buffs to play poker in the safe and secure way.  With no time constraint or time limit, a player gets hold of the faultless opportunity to play this version of Poker round the clock with simple accessibility and amazing offers & benefits. Along with such safe and secure platforms Pokabunga.com offers its players with the most amazing user interface, theme based tables and many for features.

Indian Poker Players these days can be seen playing poker with an objective to make mathematical calculations and psychological correct decisions with respect to call, raise, bet or fold. Lets grab this perfect opportunity given to us by various online gaming website to play the most widely known card game across the world..POKER :) 

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Poker – A Game For Life

Overcome your Monday Blues, with an electrifying poker story by Kartik Rao who is an avid writer, event planner and a dedicated Poker Player. Based out of Hyderabad, he talks about his love for Poker and what the significance that the game has in his life. Poker, according to him, is the best opportunity to learn many life lessons that often go unlearnt. So sit back and join him in his musings…Image

I first came in contact with poker, when a colleague of mine at work introduced me to this wonderful game. I am naturally inclined towards understanding behavioural psychology, and poker taught me more about life, than I learnt about the game itself. Learning to understand the psychology of the other players on the table, understanding your own emotional shortcomings, reading poker tells, even mathematical probability, were more than just poker nuances, they were a testament to understanding the social dynamics of the world at large.

My favourite variant was clearly the Texas Hold’em, it was a great stress buster, and the many hours I had spent learning the skills were paying off in my personal life in a big way. The game, although easy to play, has many life skills to teach. I learnt that like in poker, both in personal and business life, you must learn to endure failure as well as you tend to celebrate your successes. Similarly, many a times, emotions guide your hand, but rationality suggests that at times you must learn to fold, even if you are led to believe that you have the best hand possible.

Losing 1,000s of play-money in poker chips taught me that patience is perhaps the most underrated virtue. While trying to develop a knack for playing poker, I realized that it was having an impact on how I dealt with the real world. I learnt the basics of finance and the concept of maintaining the right bankroll.
As an amateur investor, poker further taught me certain lessons that can’t be learned otherwise. The concept of money management, till then esoteric was boiled down to understanding how many blinds you will be forced to play in the near future.

But, the best aspect of poker was the game itself. Playing with new people made me understand people better. An introvert by definition, I have often excused myself from social settings to overcome my distaste for parties. However, poker was a great way to meet people and have fun. The ladies loved it too when I won big hands with nothing but double ducks (a 2-pair for the uninitiated)!

In conclusion, I would recommend everybody to pick up this game. But be warned, it is addictive and luck does play a role. You must study the game as an apprentice, trying to discover yourself through the game. For in the end, you must acknowledge that poker is a metaphor for life itself.

Hope Kartik’s poker journey becomes an inspiration for all of us and motivates us to enjoy the advantages of playing Poker Online. So let’s login today on Pokabunga to shuffle up and deal!


A passionate gamer who loves – Poker


We at pokabunga.com have made sure that we bring to you the most exciting, inspiring and exceptional Poker Stories every week. Last week we spoke about poker having no boundaries especially when it comes to gender. This week we bring to you a unique and thrilling poker story about Akshay Shukla, an MBA graduate from Singapore. He started playing poker as a teenager regularly. Akshay became a regular poker player and also got the golden opportunity to play at one of the satellite WSOP Tournaments.
So let’s hear what Akshay Shukla has to share about his experience as a poker enthusiast….
It all started when I was 13 years old and picked up another multi sports game CD from the infamous piracy haven in New Delhi Palika Bazaar and came across a game called poker. It was intriguing as I had only played flash teen patti or Indian poker as it is called and another card game really excited my young mind at that time, but as no one else knew it and the idea of playing against a computer not being exciting enough, I moved on.

5 years down the line first day in my dorm at Iowa State a bunch of guys were sitting around the pool table and playing poker again that was the spark to a lifetime of thrill through this exciting game. Moved on from my dorm to playing online poker and started playing tournaments and then made and lost a fair bit of money depending on how the opponents were and how much lady luck would shine on me. I kept for the day to turn 21 and play in a casino against really skilled players and complete strangers. 

Then post my 21st birthday started visiting casinos in the vicinity and the excitement at times in a hand or a big tournament was heart stopping. I and one of my roommates drove 5 hours to take part in a World Series of poker satellite tournament in Omaha Nebraska. That is the day I realized never trust the ladies as going all in 3 times with pocket queens resulted in me losing my stack and being the bubble boy, and finishing just outside of the money ( came in 6th) in a 100 person tournament. Then came the trip to Vegas where people lose fortunes in a day but wasn’t to be for me as winning 2 tournaments made me think of taking this up as a full time profession.

Back to India and the only way to play against strangers and not just against close friends in home games, were the trips to Goa every 7 months just to get to relive the excitement and thrill which poker gave and this was always money well spent. Now been in Singapore for the last 2 years and a there is a bimonthly trip to Marina Bay Sands to just see and wait for Lady Luck to shine on me and once get at least part of that jackpot makes me fall more and more in love with the game called ” Texas Hold EM”. You never know, 20 years down the line you might see me on TV one day just a step closer to fulfilling the dream of winning a World Series of Poker bracelet. 

We are sure Akshay, with the love and dedication you have towards poker, there will soon be a day, when we would see the bracelet in your wrist, All the best Buddy :)

Poker isn’t just gaming – It’s a Sport!!!


This week we share with you an exciting story about a young, energetic and bindaaz Female Poker Player. PokaBunga takes this opportunity to introduce you to Minakshi Shekar from Hyderabad. Minakshi has strong roots in the entertainment business because of her past work experience & education. A former production, branding & PR professional choose to do her screen writing course at The New York Film Academy. During this journey she came across the game poker which helped her learn a lot & also make the most of her leisure time. So let’s kill our Monday Blues with Minakshi’s interesting poker Story…

The clinking of the chips, the quick swish of the cards being shuffled, the words “all in”, “raise” and “blinds never meant anything to me for many years. So I never understood why people would plan a poker night that included an elaborate set up of food, drinks, conversation centered on poker and these nights usually went on till the wee hours of the morning. I would be an unwilling witness to these poker nights where I would be the bearer of chips for friends who considered me lady luck. Ever so often, I would doze off and then wake up to see the person who had a stack of chips now had close to nothing. I would hear shouts of excitement or screams of anger on particularly tense hands. Still, I never felt the need to partake in this gaming habit so many of my friends were so used to.

That was until one such fateful poker night, my friends were falling short of players and insisted I play. Try as I might, I couldn’t understand the hierarchy of poker hands and for a long time thought all I needed was a decent sequence of cards in my hand like rummy. It took me a while to understand that I needed to use best of five cards. When I started to get the hang of it of course I had a lot of beginner’s luck but soon I realized what all the hue and cry was about. Soon poker nights at home became a regular affair and soon I started going to Goa to play poker at the casinos. And recently, I lived every poker player’s dream and played a tournament in Las Vegas and actually won. It kind of helped that I was a quiet Indian girl who didn’t really show any signs of knowing much about poker. One of the players even jokingly said, “You moonlight as a student in the US and come and rob us of our money”.

It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve been playing poker and now I know what the fuss is about. Only a true blue poker player knows the feeling of being dealt two cards and looking at them for the first time with bated breath. Only a true poker player knows the feeling of using strategy and skill rather than luck to play mind games with the opponent to win a hand. And only a true poker player knows that poker isn’t gambling- it’s a sport!

Once a Poker Player, Always a Poker Player!!

PokaBunga Poker Stories are back with a different chronicle of a new & diverse Poker Player, but brings along the same kind of dedication & enthusiasm towards playing card games.

A frequent traveler, nature lover, Biker & energetic marathoner, Ravi Tanna , MBA SP Jain School of Global Management alumnus of the 2011 batch, Let’s hear your story…


I raised my sore eyes and looked around. The noise of Slot machines was clamoring all over the place. The place was abundant with sweet aroma of coffee & coke served by the waiters. The air had freshness of new card decks dealt every now and then. And I had no clue about the whereabouts of my friends as I sat at this Poker table at my favorite casino and rolled along all night, or till as long as my pockets were empty. Geeeeezzz!! This is how a typical night would unfold at our weekly, and at times, daily trips to the casino.  ‘Aaj Kuch Toofani Karte Hai’ was always on top of my mind during my MBA days and I made sure I live upto the motto…

It all started when I was a kid and was introduced to 2 games namely Bridge and Rummy. With a penchant for counting cards, I immediately got captivated on to these games, or any other, that required me to keep a count of cards in order to guess the move of the other players. Soon I had formed a coterie of friends interested in cards that met during the afternoons over the weekends.

As I grew, so did my risk taking ability. I had matured to become a small time “gamer” from just being a card player who played with friends. We started with any random card game but finally settled on the one addiction that was to remain the love of our lives, POKER. Playing Poker is like any other addiction; you can never check out of an addiction. It’s just not limited to that, I always looked upto the advantages which the game brought along.

Back to the casino night which I will remember for a long time to come, the dealer had just dealt me the cards. As many nights before that one, I was again on the verge of betting the last dollar I had in my pocket. But this night was going to be different; or so I felt. Those who have seen the Dev Anand starrer movie Gambler would recall the scene in which he is broke. He finds a single coin in his pocket and goes on to gamble that coin only to make millions out of it. There is something about this particular night that makes me feel like the Dev Anand from that movie. I mean who would not be upbeat with 2 Queens in his hand.

The dealer lays down 3 cards – 2, King and QUEEN !!!!! I am sure this is going to be mine. Dev Anand is all over my mind.

Another card – QUEEN !!!!! I am All In.

Can anyone guess the last card? No? It’s a King again. Now card counting and probability theory tells me that if you have four of a kind, and that too Queens, there’s not much of a reason to worry. As luck would have it, the dealer had 2 Kings and I lost even my last dollar; yet again.

And if you think this is going to deter me coming back to this godforsaken game and to the casino, let me tell you that you are mistaken. Always remember – Once a Poker player, always a Poker player.

As the saying goes, once a poker player always a Poker player. I am sure a lot of us would be able to connect or relate to Ravi’s Story. Ravi Tanna we see the sportsmen in you, appreciate & acknowledge the zest of being a gamer with the tossing of an adventure guy.. Hope you go places….

You Make Time For Everything Else

PokaBunga Poker Stories are back! Like we said every poker player has a poker story and we are out to get all of them.
Amartya Sen, is an IIM Kozhikode alumnus of the batch of 2013. He met us when PokaBunga’s word started spreading and we got talking. Finally, we got to hear his Poker Story spanning over two colleges VIT, Vellore and IIM Kozhikode. Thank you, Amartya! It was wonderful hearing your story.
“I started playing on Facebook first, and then got hooked onto it after seeing Casino Royale. The scene where Bond slow plays a straight flush gave me goose bumps! Within a few weeks after that I picked up the game seriously and started playing mostly with friends. I played almost a year at low stakes, slowly after that we raised the stakes at a periodic rate. Finally I met some guys who played at pretty high stake buy-ins. There was no looking back after that. Long story short, I play everywhere and at any stakes (that my bankroll can handle) now.
It started off with a friendly discussion with a couple of my friends. They played casual games only, so we sat down with a deck of cards, later the word spread that we played poker; we didn’t need any advertising. The buzz itself brought me in touch with the ‘real’ players and we were rolling since then!
We coordinated after classes, usually one of the guys volunteered to host it at his room.  We had no rake or anything. We split the hospitality expenses amongst everyone, we made an excel sheet to keep track of winnings and made the transactions at the end of the month.
One thing I have realized is, if you really like to play poker then you don’t need to find time for poker, you need to find time for everything else.
Everyone had their own style in our group, some were aggressive some days some were not in the end what came out was that everyone had a maverick style of playing but everyone knew how to play and we developed our game together.
I was called the Straddler for straddling every time, a guy whose min bet was 600 got nicknamed 600, we generally gave nicknames over professional famous players based on style of play and fan following, for example a guy who was very good at playing bad hands got calledDwan!”
Quite the man of words, Amartya! We like your spirit and how you don’t have to make time for poker, you have to make time for everything else. We hope your spirit lives on in VIT and IIM Kozhikode and the poker culture continues. 

Poker Is Infectious

Every poker player has a poker story. It usually starts off with a friend or a relative or a video or a movie. One of our friends thought it would be a nice idea to talk about his poker story, so here we are.

Once upon a time…
“I played poker a couple of times, but never too seriously. It was online poker. I don’t remember which one. I lost interest because it was mostly a fun game and no one took it seriously. Then, almost an year later I was invited to a poker game, by an attractive lady friend. There were about 8 of us and I had a girl to impress. So, we started playing. We played for about 4 hrs. I bombed. I was worse than the worst possible player ever. I was down by 4 buy-ins! At the end of the day I hit it off with the girl, but my ego was bruised. So, I decided I wanted to learn this game. I met a friend who had played a tournament in Goa and I started playing. The first few days were a disaster. But after a week of poker nights every single night, I started getting better. In fact I started winning pretty big!

We soon started having regular poker nights and about 10 people in the group. 6-7 of us were regulars. We usually played in a bedroom, until we found an abandoned pool table. This pool table was the perfect hook. People started pouring in, because it looked pretty professional. Apart from the aesthetics, the regular players’ game improved a lot! We used to watch WSOP, Poker After Dark, any and every video we could get our hands on. We talked about tells, strategies, popular bluffs, favorite players and soon it turned from a hobby to a passion. Initially it was just a tug, but soon it was an unquenchable thirst! I had to watch more videos, read more blogs, books. That feeling was wonderful.
The best part about playing poker was, I made some amazing friends that I’m pretty sure I will always stay in touch with. I have moved to a new city, but I still look for games and new people to play with. A dream come true would be to play in pro tournaments and if possible, one day, in WSOP. I am in love.”
Pretty nice, huh? We love poker stories and we would love to hear more of them. So, mail your poker story to pokabungaindia@gmail.com